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The Branded Difference

The Branded Difference…

Branded are a unique company. We are the UK’s only national Promo DJ & In Store DJ company. Due to our national size, working with us offers so many different advantages. These include, Female DJs nationwide, unique luxury DJ equipment, many choices of Branded DJ Booths, expert retail & promo DJs and a consistency that can only come from a national company. Pricing is also pretty consistent nationally too!

In a market place with many different offerings from £100 local disco companies, to agencies who will try it on for £1,500+, it can be hard to determine the best investment of your marketing budget. Here is a comparison to show we do things differently and deliver the best return on your investment (ROI). Indeed many of our events are self funding through the extra footfall!






Specialists in Weddings, Xmas Parties and Discos. DJs may have done some retail & promo work but not really a specific company. Specialist In-Store & Corporate Event DJs. Excellent music resulting in more footfall and better experience.


Very suitable image for weddings, party events & discos. Is a Wedding DJ suitable for your event? Look good, may have some Female DJs. However not specialist DJs meaning music may harm footfall. On trend Male & Female DJs who generate maximum footfall and promote your brand in a positive way.


Wedding and party music. Does have the best microphone skills & tells good jokes though. Club Music and not specialist event music. Great in an underground basement club. Specialist bespoke In Store Music = Maximum footfall and a great return on your investment.


Local disco companies are the cheapest by a mile, maybe even as little as £100! Limited contacts, often booking online and smaller size; means often take the easy option and book a very expensive DJ who may not be suitable for in store. Costs simply passed on to the client. Excellent ROI as a national company with scale and the contacts. We have long term relationships with our DJs and negotiate on behalf of our clients. 


Mobile disco equipment. Speakers are basic black disco speakers. Could be ok, but unclear what you will get. Basic Black Event Speakers only. Tripods means unsightly safety tape is required all over the shop floor. Hired in meaning it will cost a lot more. High quality luxury White Line Arrays Speakers. Designed specifically for promotional events. Exclusive equipment!


Local disco companies are as cheap as chips! A bargain and unbelievable value. Hire all equipment in and simply pass the costs onto you. Up to 30% more expensive than Branded DJs. Branded DJs own all of our own equipment outright. Thus we can give you good value rates.


Set up by the DJ. Set up will be relatively smooth as it is their own equipment. No technicians. Use hire companies so not in full control of quality and costs are much greater. Expert In-House Technicians who have done 1000’s of set ups. Unlikely to have any issues.


A one-man band. May have a mate who can do another site. Not scalable as do not have DJs nationally. Unable to do more than a few events at once. South East based companies means very high quotes up North as sending DJs from London! Scalability and size means, you can complete large national events with a call. Geographic location means national pricing consistency. Great rates up North!


Local disco companies have no branding options available. Limited options. No TV booth. At best might be able to do you a logo on a Black or White booth. Costs are high and unable to scale. May call Branded DJs anyway and hire our Booths and you end up paying out profit on top! Many Branded Booths types to choose from in different sizes, shapes and materials. More customisation at a fair price as we build them. Luxury TV DJ Booths available now too!


Local disco companies are very cheap £150-£350. We cannot and do not want to compete with local disco company rates. Other agency costs are as much as £750-£1,500 per event. Results can be mixed with money spent on things that do not add footfall. Due to high price ROI is reduced. Client overpays substantially for the event. Branded DJ rates start at just £300 and up to around £800 for a premium package. Maximum ROI and Maximum Footfall! You can do many more events throughout the year by using Branded!