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Specialist Sound Equipment & Sound Techs

Specialist premium sound systems, designed specifically for promotional events & retail units! As a retailer or corporate we are sure you want the very best equipment that diffuses rather than pumps out sound, to give a smooth sound experience, right? Our bespoke soundsystems are specifically designed for retail and are loud enough to attract attention, yet smooth enough to ensure customers don’t complain about noise. Unlike other companies (who just hire it in), we own all of our own equipment, vans, units and have in house soundtechs, meaning a better service at rates that others cannot mathematically match.

Our techs have loaded most major UK shopping centres and we know many of the loading bays like the back of our hand, so we can ensure the equipment set up goes very smoothly. This is a key difference of the Branded DJ service and gives you the confidence of having an expert sound tech and reasonable pricing. If your current supplier is hiring things in you are guaranteed to be overpaying, exposing yourself to risk and not getting a system designed specifically for the a promotional event / retail environment. Choosing Branded DJs, is choosing quality, reliability and an excellent return on your marketing investment.