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Welcome to our new website! Message from our director Mike Smith

Well it only seems like yesterday it was 2010 and we launched our Branded DJs website and kick started the business. So here we are 8 years later doing exactly the same thing (launching a new site) and boy have we come a long way since then, 3,000 events and counting. So many memories!

Its been a great journey for us and we here to the next 8 years! I am pleased to announce a new addition to the team Toni Marquez who will be handling our online marketing from now on, Although we’ve had consistent organic growth, if I’m honest our online presence has not kept up and Toni will provide that. With loads of new products to let the world know about, it feels a great time to be launching the new site and campaign.

Top of our list of new innovations we want to let you know about is our display TV booth, it is was one of those WOW moments when we finally got it working. Took us many months of planning to build it and with a 44 inch HD screen and white leather, it looks incredible. Good job team! It is such a unique product and blows away all of our other work and I just know retailers will be fighting to get it booked in and with Branded the only company in the world to have this product is really is something that can make your in store events stand out.

SO here is to the next 8 years! Long live Branded, and we look forward to see you again very very soon!


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