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In Store DJs

In Store DJs: Why use In Store DJs?

In Store DJs can create attention, also enhance brand appeal and generate sales. In the current retail climate with an increasing % of sales being made online, retail DJ events are a great way to engage with customers. We can increase your store’s footfall and enhance the in store experience in a way that online cannot.

Retail strategy also specialists Ipsos found 40% of shoppers would spend more if retailers improved customer experience. We are an excellent way to do just that. Our stylish fashion conscious retail DJs have the power to lead customers into stores. Also to use the power of music and keeps customers engaged and entertained while allowing them to shop and most of all, spend. In most cases, our In Store DJs events are self fund through extra footfall and sales!

Our In Store DJs can create an instant connection between your store’s brand and the customer. Thus, the long term strategic positioning of a retail brand can greatly enhanced.  We can also make your stores stand out as the most fashionable store on the High Street and make customers choose to the High Street over online. As an expert In Store DJ agency, we can advise you on all aspects on the event. Also includes placement of the retail DJ, music and work with your team to maximize the impact of the In Store DJ. Click here to know more about us.