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Branded DJ Booths

Branded DJ BoothTM,  branded the DJ booth and make the equipment become part of the immersive experience. A Branded DJ Booth  TM is the ultimate way to connect your brand to super cool DJ culture and is and liscenced through Branded DJs! Our famous Branded DJ Booth TM which gave our company its name, began in 2012 when we built a bespoke branded booth for a client supplying H&M. It went down so well, we decided to offer it as part of our standard packages. This sparked a huge trend in retail DJ events!

Our famous Branded DJ Booth TM allow you to be really creative with your event. We have many different materials, sizes and designs of DJ booths… Be it a printed design, a logo, a visual playing on our display screen or a fabric booth? Its your event, your way! Best of all a new paradigm shift in DJ booths is now available with our latest invention, the Display TV booth. This features a 44 inch 4k HD TV and White Leather surround to play your store’s promo visuals.

Click the Branded DJ BoothTM images below for more information…