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Fabric Branded DJ Booth

Fabric DJ Booths. Made of black OR white lycra beautifully stretched over a sturdy metal frame. A logo can be printed in full RGB colour onto it. The Custom DJ booth has a stylish design, curved inwards at the top to hide all wires very neatly behind the booth. This is a highly popular booth and used extensively by New Look, Accessorise and H&M to launch their stores and can last for up to 18 months. Although initial set up costs slightly more, it overall works out at excellent value for retailers who want to do a series of events on an ongoing basis.

Available in black or white, logo and/or basic designs can be printed on it and speakers chosen to match the colour of the branded DJ booth. e.g A white booth can be paired with our  White Line Array speakers or a black booth can be paired with out black event speakers to give an overall congruent look.




  • The custom DJ Booth looks fantastic, is well sized and attracts attention.
  • Wires very neatly hidden, a smart and stylish solution.
  • Very durable and once created you can get a lot of value out of it. Popular with clients who book many events as stays in mint condition for 12+ months even with heavy usage.
  • Logo can be in full colour / whatever you like, we would recommend just your logo though to save ongoing costs.
  • Looks very trendy and can be scaled to a number of sites (up to 10 sites).


  • Higher set up costs and we need good notice to produce the booths (at least 21 days)
  • Less creative than the other booth options. Full print of the entire surface are not available on this booth.


Fabric DJ Booth – DJ Candy from Mike Smith on Vimeo.


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