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Display TV DJ Booth – The future of in store events!

The future of promotional events is here! Get maximum footfall with the ultimate branded DJ booth experience! Make the booth as much a part of the experience as the DJ, this unique innovation features a 4kHD 44 inch display TV which can play your branded visuals live on a display TV! The booth is built in premium materials with luxurious white padded leather. It is also totally exclusive to Branded DJs and a UK first, the latest innovation for retail DJ events!


Display TV DJ Booth is now here!


  • Maximum attention, creativity and footfall!
  • Unique Booth – a UK first in retail DJ events.
  • Large size and TV visuals attracts maximum attention.
  • Luxurious feel -Premium materials white leather and HD display TV.


  • Large size & complexity of set up means increased tech costs.
  • Not suitable for micro units but generally most stores the size works well.


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