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Questions to ask when booking a DJ for an in store DJ event?

We know booking in store DJ events can be a minefield, with an array of price points and quality out there. From local disco companies to marketing agencies there are so many different ways to do an event and with prices varying so much it is essential to ask the right questions to ensure you’re getting a good service and not over paying for it.


  1. Are you a specialist in store DJ agency?

Using more generalist agencies then there is no guarantee the DJ will play the right music even if they look on brand, they may clear out the shop.


2. Do you use in house sound technicians or just hire it in?

If in house technicians are being used (like Branded) then the provider will have much better control of the product and deliver a better service. Also Branded have luxury speaker options that cannot be normally hired in. If it is all hire kit, then you could be overpaying by around 20%+ on your events and just have black speakers on offer.


 3. How are your speakers set up for the retail environment?

If the answer isn’t clear, it could be just a couple of Cheap Black Speakers on Tripods and be fairly average at best with little thought gone into sound quality. There are much better options available from Branded DJs for instance, our Luxury White Line Array Speakers.


4. Do you have your own techs, vans and unit?

A unit, techs, and vans means that it a professional company with a decent level of bookings. Worryingly there are companies promoting in store DJs that have an incredibly slick website but it’s really not clear if they actually own any equipment or have the need for a unit. These ‘companies’ are little more than a side hustle so expect to be hustled for a big fee as they hire all the kit in.


5. Can I get a photo of the DJ?

It is always good to ask for a photo of the DJ to get a feel of the DJ. An agency providing DJs with the right look will be very happy to share. Local disco companies will generally not have many good images so this is a good way to test the provider.


6. Can you give me a breakdown of what each part of the rate costs?

Asking for a breakdown is a great way to see what you are paying for. The reality is often a very high quotes cannot be justified when you see a breakdown. Equally a very low quote should be treated with suspicion, it could be a low quality provider. Branded are different we will always give you an itemised quotation so it is very transparent what you are paying for each part of the service.


7. Why does the DJ need that piece of equipment? How will it add value to my event?

We have seen many times where the DJ has been booked separately from the equipment and given the retailer a huge list of demands. Always ask why? If the DJ’s answer is “I need it to mix”, then it shows a DJ who is not very confident. To avoid this altogether book the DJ and kit together, ideally with a professional DJ company like Branded who only work with verified DJs who can use most piece of kit.


8. What options for branding do you have?

Limited or no branding options will mean a much poorer event at a higher price. If you want branding always choose Branded DJs, or you will be limited to just a black or white booth with a logo on it at best and you will overpay. With branded, as we produce a lot of these booths, our designs are designed to be scalable at a reasonable price.


 9. If you are offered a “Branded DJ Booth”: Is it licensed by Branded DJs?

We own the trademark for the “Branded DJ Booth”, so always check that when a company is offering Branded DJ Booths, that it has been licensed through Branded DJs. We are confident you don’t want fake unlicensed products in your stores!


We hope this helps you in your booking of events, if you need any assistance, even if it is just for some free advice, don’t hesitate to contact us and even if we cannot do it we will point you in the right direction of someone who can.

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