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About Us


Branded DJs are a national company, specialising in store DJs and promotional event DJs. We have been established for over 8 years now. Branded DJs have completed well over 3000+ retail DJ & promo events over the years in the UK and Ireland. We offer:

  • In Store DJs / Retail DJ Events
  • Promotional Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Female DJs – The UK’s biggest line up in all regions.
  • Branded DJ Booths & Equipment.
  • Display/TV DJ Booths!

Branded DJs started in 2010 and quickly became the go to guys for retail DJ events. Our unique service started many retail DJ event trends including using all-female lineups (2012) and Branded DJ Booths (2013). In 2014, we acquired a new unit, also purchased our second van and hired some technicians. We saw some very rapid growth in those years by picking up major clients like H&M, New Look, Warehouse, Oasis and many many more.

In recent years, Branded DJs have continued our organic expansion driven by innovations and excellent retail DJ events. In 2016, we also launched in Ireland which added to our growing diary of bookings. Yes, we can cover Dublin too! 2017 saw us expand our product range to include different types of Branded DJ Booths and have our busiest year to date. We now handle ever larger events, such as 40 DJs nationwide on one date alone for Accessorize.

In 2018, our techs have also been busy developing our latest innovation, a Display TV Branded DJ Booth. This is a UK first where you can play your visuals live on a display screen, a totally new paradigm for retailers and delivers massive footfall! We have also updated our classic original Branded DJ Booth which now has a sturdier design. With new Female DJ talent joining our team the future of Branded is looking very exciting indeed…

We are a unique DJ company. As a truly national DJ company (not just limited to the South East). We have developed a nationally scalable model so you can keep your retail DJ rates standardised across the whole of the UK and Ireland. Work with us and you won’t get hit with huge travel expenses on Northern events or pay out speculative Central London DJ rates.

We are looking to partner with national retailers, promotional companies and experiential marketing agencies who want to build a long-term relationship with an excellent national DJ provider. Get in touch today to see how we can maximise footfall, amplify your brand and most importantly make sales for your company.