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Extra Wireless Satellite Speakers

In larger retail units getting smooth sound across the whole floor is very difficult with just two speakers. Branded, being a specialist retail DJ agency has come up with the solution. We can offer a complete retail soundsystem solution with 2 x extra satellite speakers to give surround sound across the whole retail floorspace. The speakers are linked using Alto Stealth wireless technology, so we don’t need dangerous cable runs crossing the shop floor or unsightly safety tape.

Having additional speakers greatly enhances the performance of an In Store DJ event and allows for a much better shopping experience, booking this system is highly reccomended to our clients who have bigger retail units.


  • The ultimate in store experience. Ideal for larger units.
  • Excellent sound quality. Means volume levels can be kept constant throughout the store.
  • Safe, no cable runs are required.
  • Inexpensive to hire in with our packages.


  • For small units it is not really necessary, two event speakers suffice.
  • Needs reasonable line of sight for best quality. Quality is reduced for totally separate floors without a mezzanine level.
  • Plugs socket are needed (most stores have this so rarely an issue).
  • Limited devices in stock.


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