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Looking for a Female DJ in Derby? Derby is the East Midlands biggest city and one of Europe’s youngest cities with the largest student population outside London! The city has a vibrant DJ scene with many Female DJs in Derby and top nightclubs. The cities retailers are focused around Westfield and St Peters St, in recent years the centre has gained regional ascendency and is home to the UK’s major retailers, just what you would expect from an Westfield. With such a great shopping centre it is an ideal place to host an in store DJ in Derby. Branded DJs are based in close by in Nottingham and our in store and retail DJs include some of Derby’s top female DJs. Our services are not just limited to in store DJs we offer:

  • Branded DJ Booths
  • Retail DJs
  • Club DJs Derby
  • Female DJs Derby
  • In Store DJs Derby
  • Corporate Event DJs

We have done many in store DJ events in Derby for the likes for New Look Men’s, H&M, Outfit, River Island and many more. Being a Nottingham and Derby based agency means we have no less than 4 technicians within 20 minutes of the main shopping centres. The ideal choice for an In Store event in Derby.