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DJ Zoey

Name: Zoey
City: London
Music Styles: House / Commercial Dance
Brands Played: H&M, Armani Prive, International Hotels across the world.
Fashion/Style: Stylish Female DJ – ideal for In Store events

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Zoey – Female Retail DJ

DJ Zoey is a Female Retail DJ in London. Zoey has played at the likes of H&M, Amani Prive and many international DJ events around the globe.

A Female Retail DJ in London, Zoey is a unique, all around talent currently based between the UK and Asia. With a myriad of elite successes and a hectic global schedule, Jones has had plenty of time to reflect on all that her years so far in her career have offered. “In all, it has been a real blast. Although performing may look like an effortless task –hours of rehearsals and prep go into each tour and I work solidly to ensure that everything is alright on the night,” she explains. Continuing, “It has been a long journey so far and this is only the beginning. I want people to know that if they work hard enough and with enough passion, they can succeed in whatever they put their mind to. Believe in your dreams — you can make them happen.” -Female Retail DJ in London, Zoey

Note: The female DJs do not come with equipment included so you will need to select equipment (if you are not providing your own) and as we need to use a technician, costs are slightly higher. Also, note our female DJs are always in very high demand so please give us as much notice as possible. Please click here to view our equipment.


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